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I just noticed on Facebook that there is a group of “parents of young children” promoting the “other” Elmwood public schools in an effort to organize parents and presumably attract parents to those schools. This is, of course, a fantastic idea. If parents can organize, you don’t have to hope for an lottery charter spot or an elusive gifted/64 spot. You do not have to pay for private school. You can simply enroll your child in the proximity school. (Not that it’s ever simple, but we can hope.).  I haven’t yet talked to anyone involved, but they have a website and seem to be running a table at the EV Farmer’s market.  They seem to be promoting 45 over the other proximity schools, which would be 30 (Frank Sedita) or 19 (Native American), after a meeting to decide which school to organize around. Here is their site:


“Our goal is that, within 2 years, there will be less confusion when Elmwood Village families ask ‘Where do I send my child for public elementary school?’ Instead, there will be a clear answer as to what local public school meets the needs of Elmwood Village families. These needs are defined as a nearby location, a community atmosphere, a high level of education, a strong family investment, and a promising future.”


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