Stressing about schools and the public benefits of public school

Over the summer this blog will primarily be links to articles I read about education. There’s a lot going on in the Buffalo District right now if you’re following the paper – ah, receivership for some “failing” schools, and a new state ed commissioner with ties to the area – MaryEllen Elia – who dropped by recently with various threats. This all promises lots of fun times for the next school year, given that the District has yet to find a new superintendent to respond to her demands. (BN article here) While some of her sternness is probably warranted, given the poor united front our Board presents, it’s yet another episode in what seems to be a regular clash between the District and the State. State wants more (but doesn’t want to _give_ more), and the District digs in its heels and slows the process. Threats, demands, ensue. I’d be happier if we could get some solid leadership first. But I don’t know that the District will ever get the control it wants. I fear that if the Union doesn’t attempt to be more flexible with the District, the State will make moves to nullify it anyway. In other news, Paladino seems to be always out of town for recent meetings, or is he purposely not attending?

But the reading: Gabrielle Blair at Design Mom has a post about “choosing schools” for her six children and how she’s managed the stress of it all. I think she makes a lot of sense, and she has a nice perspective because she has had kids in so many different schools through moves, and given the age spread of her children. The perfect school doesn’t guarantee your kid’s happiness or future success. Nicely done.

Gabrielle Blair on “Why We Don’t Stress Out About Choosing A School“.


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