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This American Life featured a story of segregation and integration in a St.Louis area school district that I’ve been thinking about — one question the reporter poses is: Is it possible, in Missouri, for an African-American child to get a real/decent/quality public education? What sort of “options” are minority children given, or mostly, not given? And what is a parent’s responsibility to its school communities — do you make sure your own kid has the best possible school, or do you want fair, quality public schools… (me editorializing). Certain parents don’t come off so well in this story.

Listen here:

This week I’m reading an article about de-integration, or re-segregation, in the Tampa Bay Schools.

In other news, the School Board is meeting today to vote on the main candidate for Superintendent, Kriner Cash.  He’s had support initially from the new Ed commissioner and the Buffalo News. The Buffalo News reports that support for him is broad, and the vote is likely to be unanimous. Off to a good start ….


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