This is a blog about helping people figure out the educational landscape in Buffalo.

We want to provide information about how to place children in Buffalo city schools

We want to fill in the information gaps that exist between administrators, schools, families,and future families, and the community that supports the schools, all of you.

We hope to tell the story of applying to schools and parents’ experience of the city schools.

By giving parents a place to communicate about schools, we hope to help hold schools and the district accountable.

We want all children to learn and enjoy their school environment — is love of learning possible in today’s schools? How does learning take place?

We consider the city schools to be a kind of public space — and we want to interest the larger community, so called stakeholders, as well as individuals, businesses and public groups, to be involved, to meet the schools, right here. We want to bring the schools to the community. We need the community.

Parents, you can help us by filling out the parent survey of Buffalo schools. (here).


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