The Schools Survey

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The Schools Survey is designed to collect feedback from parents about city schools. If we can collect enough responses, any reader or parent should be able to look up a given school and see what parents say about their/his/her child’s city school. It is an attempt to get a broader look: beyond what the people closest to you say about the schools. It’s an attempt to gather more specific information than what you might read in the paper or overhear at the coffee shop. It is also an attempt to discuss every city school. As the blog develops, we hope to provide more detailed analysis of a school’s state data, but for now, this is an informal way to see what parents think about schools they have real experience with. Your survey does not need to be a plug for the school, we welcome criticism, just please attempt to be civil and fair.

If you are a parent with children in city schools, please contribute to the survey here.



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