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Welcome to Schoolhouse Buffalo

Welcome to our blog about the Buffalo Schools. This site is built by parents with children in city schools, and is built for parents looking at the city schools who want to stay in the city schools. We like Buffalo, and we hope to provide a place for parents to talk about their schools. We want to help parents who are new to the schools, or new to the city, inform themselves. This is a blog about public education, and how parents approach it here. Charter schools and private schools will also be part of the conversation.

There will soon be a survey that parents can fill out to provide feedback about their school or child’s school experience. In time, we hope this will form the bulk of the site’s content. We want to know how you feel about your school. There will also be a place to read about basic process of applying to school. There will be resources and links to educate yourself, as a parent, about public education today. And perhaps we will try to cover some of the local educational news from an independent or parent perspective.

It should be said that this aims to be an optimistic place to discuss Buffalo Schools. We like our schools and we want to support them. We want to include as many citizens as we can in the discussion.


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